Buying A Large Baby Swing

Anyone who’s ever been a parent of a very young child will appreciate the hand that a large baby swing can lend. To these parents, a baby swing, with its ability to rock a baby back and forth, can pacify the most fussy baby and calm them down. To a mother who’s had her nerves completely frazzled by her cranky baby’s constant crying, a baby swing can practically be magic.

large baby swing

Of course, before you invest the hundred dollars or so that it costs to buy your average baby swing, you might want to make sure that your baby isn’t one of the exceptions – the baby who finds the back-and-forth motion a bit scary or annoying. You could get an old swing from a friend’s house and try it out first.

Once you are sure that your baby can take to a swing well, you need to find out about how long an expensive purchase such as this one is likely to last. The most that any standard baby swing can take is about 30 pounds. Most manufacturers put the figure at 25. It isn’t just about how the swing motor may not be able to handle the weight. It’s that a heavier-than-recommended level can make the whole contraption top-heavy. If your baby rolls over a little bit, the whole thing could turn over.

If in the end you should find that your needs are met by a standard baby swing purchase, you really should go forward. Not that a mechanical contraption can never compare to what a caring human caretaker can bring to a baby. It’s just that sometimes, an extra pair of mechanical hands can be very valuable. These are strictly supposed to be additional help. There are strict rules to do with how long you can keep your baby in a swing.

Go to the store, and you’ll find that the manufacturers have found ways to turn your simple baby swing into something really complicated if you’re willing to put the money up. For those who are on a budget though (and that would be practically every last one of us) a no-frills model would be great. They even make travel models that can fold up to be portable. You just take it with you wherever you go.

A baby swing toppling over can be a real danger to watch out for. Make sure that whatever model you pick has passed Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association testing. You even want to look the model up on Google to see if there’s been a recall or anything associated with it.

Most baby swings are run by a battery-powered motor. If you feel that those batteries are going to run you into the poor house before long, look for something that’s designed to be plugged in. No matter what model you buy, make sure that it comes with at least a three-point harness. You don’t want your baby to be able to fall out of these feeling wriggly at some moment.

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